Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors: Which one to go for?

Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors. As a player, you must be quick in responding to your opponent’s actions, whether it’s a struggle for survival in the corners of Verdansky-Call of Duty or a face-off in Erangel-PUBG. The result of a combat is not exclusively determined by your usage of the Mouse and Keyboard.

It is heavily influenced by your hardware’s responsiveness and your display’s ability to keep you in touch with the in-game environment. In a competitive esports setting, gamers like to sit near the screen since they need to detect the slightest motions or features to catch the eye.

Simply possessing the most incredible 240Hz monitor with 1440p resolution may propel you to the top of the rankings.

Best 1440p 240Hz Monitors

Monitors are available in various sizes, screen coatings, resolutions, reaction times, contrast ratios, aspect ratios, and panel types. Each aspect has a distinct impact on how you perform in a gaming session or feel about the overall screen quality. We believe we should assist our readers in understanding the effects of each parameter so that they may choose the most delicate screen for their needs.

Spending the most money is never a good idea since you may end up paying for services that you will never even use. So read our brief buying guidelines to choose which 1440p 240Hz monitor is ideal for your tables. Some customers’ power usage is also a source of concern, as it may impact their energy costs.

Quick Shopping Tips to buy the best 1440p 240Hz monitors:

Resolution: When we talk about a display screen, the resolution is crucial. Everything you can see comprises hundreds of millions of tiny squares called pixels. The resolution of the screen means the number of pixels that your screen can show. If you choose a substantial 1440p monitor, it will be pixelated; if you choose a tiny screen, you will lose out on the intricacies. Therefore, be confident that you have the correct size.

Adaptive Sync: This is a necessary feature since the number of times the screen refreshes does not correspond to the number of times your graphic cards transmit the signal. The process of ensuring that the screen refreshes with the frames provided by your GPU is known as adaptive sync, and it has a significant impact on 240Hz screens.

Panel Type: Whether you have an IPS or an LED panel might impact how your game looks. IPS is typically gentle on the eyes and can easily accommodate more excellent refresh rates. LED displays are bright and have excellent contrast ratios. However, their lower refresh rates may cause eye strain.

Response Time: The amount of time it takes the display to reply to the signal supplied by the GPU is the most crucial aspect for gamers. It should be approximately 1ms. You don’t have to be concerned; we’ve highlighted monitors with the fastest reaction times.

The Best Monitors with 1440p 240hz Specs to Buy Today

Alienware AW2721D

Overall one of the Top 1440p 240hz Monitor


Screen Size: 27”

  • Brand: Alienware
  • Brightness: 450 cd/m²
  • Resolution:2560 x 1440
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Dimensions: 23.93 x 3.24 x 14.02″
  • Response Time: True 1milisecond (gray to gray) – Extreme Mode
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Weight: 13.89 pounds
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Adaptive Sync: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate


  • It has a plethora of ports and slots.
  • The fast IPS technology is included.
  • Crystal-clear display from edge to edge


  • RGB is not clamped.
  • AMD FreeSync is not available for Radeon GPUs.

The optimal screen size for a 1440p resolution is 27″, which the Alienware AW2721D provides. The display has a 1 ms reaction time, which is ideal for competitive gaming. The support for Nvidia G-sync guarantees that the monitor’s frequency and the fps of your Nvidia GPU remain in sync, resulting in no tearing across the monitor. The contrast ratio of an LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix stays at 1000 to 1. It ensures that you view black as pure black. The monitor has a headphone port for old-school 3.5mm headphones.

Even though the display is primarily intended for gaming, additional functions would have been a welcome addition. As a premium-priced display, a monitor specifically designed for gamers lacks several functions. On this display, the RGB light is a tiny ring with a logo that is quite faint. It’s as essential as displays can get; there’s no laser logo or thin body to make it seem nice. The monitor is solely for business purposes. The inclusion of a crosshair is also a feature that is lacking on this display. This monitor is not designed to operate with AMD Freesync out of the box; however, several workarounds exist.


Alienware creates high-end products that are well-balanced in terms of performance and value for money. The items have a long operating life and operate as expected. The dark stabilizer for gaming is a helpful tool for detecting opponents lurking in shadowy areas. For the fastest response speed, there are quick preset, super-fast, and extreme settings. With Nano IPS technology, you can decrease motion blur and ghosting while covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. This gaming beast’s well-balanced features make it the most acceptable 1440p 240Hz monitor overall.

SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey G7

Best Curved 1440p 240hz Monitor


  • Panel Type: VA
  • Screen Size:32’’ (1000R curvature)
  • Resolution:2,560 x 1,440
  • Brightness:350 cd/m²
  • Response Time:1ms (gray to gray)
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9


  • Contrast Ratio:2500:1
  • Weight: 18.04 pounds
  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium Pro and NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Dimensions:37 x 27.96 x 17.29 inches


  • 1ms reaction time is the fastest available.
  • Compatible with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync
  • Curved Screen with Vibrant Colors and RGB Lighting


There is no flicker-free screen without updates; thus, screen adjustments are limited.

It is the most exemplary 240Hz display and has everything a professional gamer requires in one package. The screen is 32″ in size, adequate for any user who intends to use it as a gaming instrument. Samsung increased the viewing angle by adding a 1000R curvature to the screen to make it more eye-friendly. The increased viewing area is beneficial in FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. You should not worry about your GPU since the SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7 supports Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro. It is the perfect monitor for ensuring the long-term viability of your gaming system. The 1ms reaction time is the fastest in the market, allowing you to remain ahead of the competition by firing out to kill as quickly as possible.


The display supports tilt, swivel, and pivot; however, customers appear to be dissatisfied with the degree of flexibility provided by the stand. The capability for 100 x 100 VESA mounts is a welcome feature; however, the curved screen wall mount appears nonsensical while sitting away from the screen. Many customers have noted that the screen flickers, whether adaptive or synchronized with the GPU, which is irritating. Despite multiple upgrades, Samsung has not been able to resolve the issue. Backlight bleeding has also been reported by certain players, with the bleeding typically occurring around the borders. We continue to feel that this price point, along with the number of features offered by Samsung, is an excellent value.

The top-of-the-line Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti plays Apex Legends at a maximum of 186 fps on a 1440p screen; thus, 240Hz is beyond most gamers’ grasp. Apex Legends is not a GPU-intensive game, in our opinion. It implies that your display frequency and GPU fps will not overlap for most AAA or online gaming titles. When this happens, adaptive sync becomes critical. This is the most OK curved 1440p 240hz monitor available. You can buy it and sit back and relax for years to come. It is well ahead of the GPU industry, and Samsung will address the remaining problems with future releases. Overall, it’s a beautiful monitor with high-end specifications.

HP Omen X 27-inches 240Hz

Best pocket-friendly 1440p 240hz Monitor


  • Brand:OMEN
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Resolution:QHD (2560 x 1440)
  • Dimensions: (10.73) x (24.16) x (21.01) inches
  • Response Time:1 ms
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Contrast Ratio:1000:1
  • Screen Size: 27”
  • Weight: 15.62 pounds
  • Adaptive Sync:AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m²


  • Input Lag is really minimal.
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 compliant
  • TN Panel with High Pixel Density and Colors


  • There are only 16 dimming zones available.
  • The stand does not swivel or spin.

The HP Omen X series is intended to deliver high-end product quality at a reduced cost. AMD Radeon Freesync 2 HDR is included with the HP Omen X 27″ 240Hz. We would like to recognize this monitor as the most exemplary affordable 1440p 240hz monitor in gaming monitors. It is an LED display monitor with a reaction time of 1 ms. The HP Omen X outperforms any conventional monitor on the market. When it comes to gaming, frequency is quite essential, especially when the screen is moving quickly. The great majority of first-person shooter games need quick responses, and screen stuttering may interfere with your gaming. HP has made sure that at least your actions stay silky smooth while synchronized with a Radeon GPU.

It is a high-quality product, however owing to its design, it cannot swivel. You may, however, change the screen’s height and tilt. The panel buttons are on the back of the display, and if you’re used to changing the screen regularly, you could end up pushing the wrong keys. Most users have claimed that the highest reaction rate on Level 3 is about 3ms, more significant than the standard provided. However, in terms of input latency, this monitor is the quickest. This is a TN-based display that is among the fastest and cheapest in the electronics industry. Still, it is not appropriate for demanding workloads.


The monitor is visually appealing, with a slender aluminum stand that takes up the least amount of space on the tabletop. The display is well-made, with the HP Omen brand incorporated in a polygonal framework. The display does include the option of a crosshair and a reaction time adjustment level. The lesser the response time indicates, the higher the level. The opportunity to modify reaction time allows you to regulate power usage and monitor processing. The monitor is VESA installation compatible, allowing it to tilt and pivot or remain flat against the wall.

Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiipruzx

Second Best IPS 1440p 240hz Monitor


  • Brand:Acer
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution:(WQHD) 2560 x 1440
  • Brightness:350 cd/m²

Dimensions: (24.2)” x (9.2)” x (17)”

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

  • Response Time:1 ms VRB
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Weight: 17.91 pounds
  • Adaptive Sync:AMD Agile-Radeon Free-Sync
  • Screen Size: 27”


  • a gaming experience that is free of tears and failures
  • Ergonomic stand with VESA compatibility
  • Four USB 3.0 ports provide excellent connection.


  • swaying stand
  • Inadequate HDR Performance

The most popular screen size among gamers is 27″. It’s gentle on the eyes and necessitates fewer eye movements for improved detection of in-game changes. The swivel, rotate, and tilt adaptability has a broad range of motion. The 240Hz operates on a fixed frequency, guaranteeing no blur during rapid actions in games. The Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiipruzx monitor, which has an IPS display and supports AMD FreeSync, is the Second Best IPS 1440p, 240Hz Monitor. Despite having an IPS panel, the monitor boasts a high contrast ratio of 1000:1. This monitor’s reaction time is the shortest available on the market for gaming. The monitor includes two 2 x 2 W speakers with sufficient volume for everyday usage.

It does not have the most visually attractive stand, and the monitor does not have RGB illumination. According to several customers, the reaction time of this monitor is approximately 4ms, which is reasonably fast compared to comparable 27″ gaming monitors. The price, on the other hand, justifies the performance. The stand wobbles somewhat because of its small support foot, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the adequately positioned surface. Some customers have noticed uneven heating across the screen, which might result in long-term color variations. Adjustability for the strobing lighting is likewise restricted.


Gaming displays often have limited color depths, but this monitor includes 10-bit color support using dithering, making it appropriate not only for esports but also for content creators and editors. The monitor is not just cheaply priced; it also consumes approximately 30Watts of power, which is relatively low and will result in considerable energy savings. This monitor’s connectivity is insane; it includes four USB 3.0 ports for your peripheral requirements. The input connection is a display port version 1.4 connection. Some workarounds may be used to make the monitor G-Sync compliant; however, the manufacturer does provide help in this regard.

Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27

Honorable Mention 1440p 240hz Monitor


  • Brand:AOC

Panel Type: VA

  • Screen Size:27’ (curved)
  • Resolution:2560×1440
  • Brightness:550 cd/m²
  • Response Time:5 ms
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Contrast Ratio:2500:1
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Dimensions: (26.2)” x (24.7)” x (14.4)”
  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium Pro


  • Input Lag as Low as Possible
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 connections are the most recent.
  • It has a shortcut keypad for wireless gaming.


  • For the price, a larger bezel would be preferable.
  • There is no VESA mounting support.

AOC has been operating for decades, and its performance in display manufacture has competed with giant tech titans worldwide. The 27-inch screen is designed for expert gamers who want a 1440p 240hz monitor with a short reaction time. The panel has a nice curve that keeps the borders of your display visible. The 48-LED strip under the screen and 19 on the stand to cast light on the setup are the cherries on top of the monitor’s lighting effects. The gorgeous AGON emblem on the desk lends it a unique and exclusive appearance.

The Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 is an excellent monitor, but a few factors to consider before purchasing. This monitor is not compatible with typical VESA wall mounting. The default settings are not intended for inexperienced users. To obtain the desired image, some workaround is required. The stand might have been further streamlined to leave a smaller footprint; nonetheless, the monitor rests securely, thanks to the wide covered surface.

The monitor has convenient built-in 5W X 2 DTS speakers to improve your gaming experience and decrease desk clutter. The VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 monitor has a peak brightness of 400cd/m2. This monitor offers strong peripheral compatibility with two USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, microphone input, and a 3.5mm headphone socket for gamers with high-quality items. The reaction time is among the quickest of any monitor on the market, with a minimum of 1ms. The monitor stand is simple and ergonomically sound, with feet that are securely placed on the surface.


Lowest Response Time 1440p 240hz Monitor


  • Brand:AOC
  • Screen Size:27’’

Weight: 18.48 pounds

  • Resolution:2560×1440
  • Brightness:400 cd/m²
  • Response Time:5 ms
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Contrast Ratio:1000:1
  • Panel Type:TN
  • Adaptive Sync:FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Dimensions: (8.78) x (26.57) x (20.59) inches


  • Amazing reasons 0.5 milliseconds
  • TN panel with a broad color gamut
  • 16 OSD lingua franca for modifications


  • There is no USB Type C port.
  • Insufficient contrast ratio

AOC AGON AG273QZ is a TN panel monitor with a broad color range. It has headphone supports on both sides for gamers that use gears. The OSD provides a wide range of settings, including a crosshair, valid for many players. This display is all about gaming and lightning-fast performance, earning the lowest reaction time 1440p 240Hz monitor. The RGB in the shape of a ring at the back of the display is aesthetically pleasing. A gamer could hardly ask for more peripheral connectivity than the four USB 3.2 (Gen1) ports, a headphone connector, and a mic jack.

At this price, tag consumers expect to buy the most excellent 240Hz monitor in the market; however, this panel lacks a USB Type-C connector. Because the display is designed for gaming, the low contrast and color accuracy are geared toward performance rather than vibrancy. The display is calibrated for gaming purposes right out of the box. Professional editors and content creators demand a monitor with a better contrast ratio. 1000:1 may not provide enough color information for those who require a realistic depiction of colors on screen.

Performance is essential for gamers, and most gamers favor flat 27″ displays over all other screens. On the other hand, larger sizes are preferred by content creators; this monitor meets their needs by providing excellent pixel density and responsiveness. This display is designed for competitive gaming, not for players who want to be captivated by landscape images. It does, in fact, have a greater color depth than standard displays. It is the best improvement from a standard 60Hz monitor.


We hope that we’ve delivered valuable information to you in the right way. You will benefit from it indeed. In our opinion, HP Omen X 27” 240Hzis one of the Best 1440p 240hz Monitors if you are low on budget and still want to buy a monitor with crazy specifics and robust design for your good gaming experience.

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