GamingIvy is a non-funded website purely working for its visitors’ comfort and ease. It came into existence after we found that most gamers don’t actually know about their gaming computers and their specifications. People just buy what their friends, family, and some famous influencers tell them to buy. Therefore, we saw a gap in the flow of information about this section.

Hence, we started to cater to all our visitors’ needs regarding the information and its usage.

Why should you trust our service?

We are posting continuously on our website updating our visitors about all the latest information coming into the market. And not only that, but we also go and test the computer products for ourselves and post genuine results on this website if we find them useful.

Be known for the fact that we don’t just randomly review the products like other bloggers who post biased reviews and get paid for them. Our reviews are hundred percent genuine because we collect all the results regarding the performance of the components and customer reviews of that product and then compile a full-fledged list of the top-rated products which perform out of the box.

We conduct a test with our gamer’s team then we conclude and finalize the review. You will see that we have downgraded some of the products in our listicles and that’s because they were not on our standard and didn’t meet the benchmark.

But still, we posted about them to let you know about them and have a clear comparison between all the good and bad products.

Do we review products on demand?

We also review products on demand. So, if you have any kind of computer-related product in your mind but are confused about it. Do write to us in the comment section or email us that product’s details and we’ll post and genuine and detailed review of the product as soon as we complete the testing.


GamingIvy is a computer tech informational website that has some of the best and most experienced journalists in the tech industry working 24/7 to give updated and the best-opinionated reviews and the latest news about computer technology.

This website comprises of not just the computer overall, but also takes deep dives into this industry and figure out facts about all the computer components. Our range of components includes CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, RAMs, and other peripheral devices that a gamer needs to know about.


We have a great vision of providing all our visitors with the correct facts about any computer component they want. Our passion has made this website one of the most visited and trusted informational websites around the globe. Our dedicated team is experienced in all computer niches with decades of experience and a lot of information from the golden days.

The hard work we do has never been easy for us but it’s our passion that lives along. And that passion will always keep us striving to be the best website around the globe in the near future. And our goals are not for a very long time as we’re continuously making our way to be the best by 2025.

We aim to provide only original news and facts about different technology companies and their products. So that you all don’t have to struggle to look for the best products for your build.

You can visit regularly to know more about the gaming products that are performing out of the box. There are budget-friendly options too on our lists that are pretty good in performance. Keep yourself up-to-date by following all our latest updates. You can read here about our team here.

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