Is 16GB RAM enough for 4K Gaming?

How much does Ram need for 4k GAMING? Most gamers ask this question before and after buying a computer. For 4K gaming, how much memory needs for the fastest performance. Let’s assume that you have purchased a powerful GPU, solid-state hard drive for gaming, and a stable CPU. Now, you are waiting for the exact RAM storage for 4k gaming after RAM is essential for gaming and computer performance.

4K resolution is fantastic for playing games, watching movies, and for an excellent workstation. 4K display is pretty straightforward, remarkably crystal-clear, and captive for the viewer. So, 16 GB RAM is enough for 4k gaming and for performing other related functions.

Is 16GB RAM enough for 4K Gaming?

Role of RAM in gaming

RAM is an essential computer component as it stores data related to gaming and other related works. The computer accesses the data and ensures that the gaming consoles work smoothly and efficiently. Good RAM. is the compliment for the RAM that runs the whole gaming system

In the recent past, selecting suitable RAM for gaming has been a very tough task. The operating system was not compatible with the RAM that affected the overall working capability of the computer. Now the scenario is changing. 

The latest gaming consoles support a 64-bit operating system that is highly compatible with the RAM compared to the 32-bit operating system. The 32-bit operating system only supports up to 4 GB RAM. So, 16 GB RAM is enough for 4k gaming. 

Now, most video games play on a 64-bit operating system. You can easily install 128 GB on 64-bit, but it’s not wise to go up to 128 GB directly without significant purposes such as programming, 4K video gaming, and 3-D animation creation.

Is 16GB RAM suitable for 4K Gaming?

A system RAM of 8GB is sufficiently to play 4k games in a better form. Most gamers use 8 GB RAM to play average video games in 4K resolution. 16GB RAM is perfect for simulation games, working on different browsers, and heavy games. You can easily play 4K games without affecting the CPU, system RAM, and other working components. 

How much RAM supports 4K gaming?

What is the amount of memory for RAM needed for playing 4k games? How much is it costly? Should I upgrade my existing RAM to make my gaming console faster? Should I replace RAM with DDR4, DDR3 for playing 4K games?

As a gamer, you ask yourself a question about question when you opt for 4k gaming. We’ll tell you that the 16 GB RAM is enough for 4k gaming.

In this article, you’ll find the exact answerhow much RAM is needed for gaming– especially for 4K gaming.

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How much RAM does a 4K Gaming console require?

For 4k gaming consoles or PCs, we generally recommend 8GB of RAM (or better) to quickly run a game without lag and play current games.

Depending upon your system requirement, AAA games need a high RAM, such as 16 GB. But 8GB RAM can also support the AAA game with a bit of problem with the other hardware. 

RAM modules you need for 4K gaming

To increase the RAM’s capacity, you can select the 8 GB or 16 GB modules for 4k gaming. You need 16 gigabytes of RAM; you have to choose between the 8 GB modules or 8GB modules.

Larger memory modules are costly, and your PC needs a replacement for proper functioning. Large modules are only practical if you’ll buy other modules in the future for better performance.

Upgrade your existing RAM for 4K gaming

If you have any problem playing your current game on 4k with the proper GPU and processor, adding an extra 4GB RAM for 4k playing games is the best possible solution. 

If you feel that watching a Twitch stream on the other side affects the gaming performance, it’s time to upgrade your existing RAM with a better one. The market prices have been tremendously high for changing the RAM. 

The question of upgrading the existing is quite challenging right now. For optimum performance, please close all the background programs for better results. 

DDR4, DDR3 for 4k gaming

The selection of RAM is a challenging problem for all gamers. The choice of RAM was very complicated, and you had to choose among the EDO RAM, DDR, RDRAM, and SDRAM. Now the criteria for selection have changed, you have to choose between two memory storage; DDR4 and DDR3.

DDR4 memory is the best choice for the future motherboard and high-performance end. At the same time, the DDR3 is cost-saving and shows better results with 16 GB RAM.

So,16GB DDR3 is the best choice between the 8GB DDR4 RAM and 16GB DDR4 RAM. Both DDR4 and DDR3 are good for 4k gaming. Depending upon the system requirement and your budget, you can purchase. 

Our Recommendation for 4K gaming  

We enlisted our Recommendation for 4k gaming below.

  • 2GB: only found in low-priced tablets, pc, and desktops. You can only play low classic games, or let alone 4K.
  • 4GB: they are in an inexpensive notebook. 4GB RAM is suitable for windows for chrome OS, too small for 4k playing. You can play some heavy games on a lower setting.
  • 8GB:  This is the Minimum required RAM for 4k playing. It supports heavier and high-standard games.
  • 16 GB: future-proof, and the best option for 4k gaming is 16GB RAM. We recommend it for the gamer for playing games on 4k resolution. 
  • 32GB:  32GB is the design for professionals, video editors, 3-D animators, and programmers who need a lot of space for professional working. Too much gaming with 4k resolution and high-end performance with the 32GB RAM.


8GB is suitable for 4k gaming and fun making. But, talking about the future-proof 16GB is the best choice for 4k gaming without any lack of performance and slowing down other working components. Beyond 16 GB, all the memory is for the professionals and developers.

If your motherboard has two slots, you should buy 8GB of RAM in bars so you can easily upgrade to 16 GB without any problem.

So, how much RAM need for 4k gaming is 8GB and 16GB. Both the RAM are compatible with your gaming console and have the optimum performance. So, select 16 GB RAM for 4k gaming without any hesitation. 


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