Is 512 GB SSD is enough for a gaming laptop

The amount of storage in a gaming laptop determines the number of games and applications you would like to run. If you have less storage space in your computer, only a few heavy or standard games can install on the gaming console.

So, having a 512 GB SSD is good enough for a gaming laptop.  You need to delete some older games to run some new games or applications to get more storage space. But you don’t want to delete older data just for the sake of gaming.

The storage inside the computer device is called a boot disk, and the computer uses this boot drive or boot disk to boot the laptop and start-up.

Is 512 GB SSD is enough for a gaming laptop

Most computers and laptops have HDD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid disk drive) boot default. A hard disk drive is cheaper and slower than an SSD drive. To understand if 512 GB SSD is enough for gaming, we need to compare the different SSD hard drives for this answer.

SSD is the latest form of storage, but M 1.0 and M 2.0 cards are the newest versions for memory storage. So, all you need is to know what is the best for a gaming pc.

Structure of the Article

First of all, we’ll explain to you the combination of the different SSD hard drive and RAM, so you can easily understand whether a 512 GB SSD is enough for a gaming pc or not. Then, moving forward, we’ll touch the best SSD hard drive in the market for a gaming pc. Hence the knowledge is helpful for the decision of SSD hard drive.

Is 512 GB SSD with 8 GB RAM is enough for gaming?

512 GB SSD drive with 8 GB RAM is one of the best combinations for a gaming pc because it provides high-speed to tour pc and increases the ultimate performance of gaming consoles. The combination is good enough for gaming and suitable for daily work, as it allows for plenty of storage space and memory for high-end performance.

In addition, the combination is perfect for studying, everyday productive work, routine work, and Microsoft office. So, the 512 GB SSD with 8 GB RAM is enough for gaming and streaming videos.

Is a combination of 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM enough for gaming?

512 GB SSD with 16 GB RAM is more than enough for an average gaming laptop. But, the combination is also suitable for programming, video editing, gaming, development, and other works.

The pro tip for busying this combination is that purchasing an SSD drive for internal storage only increases the speed, not capacity. You need to add an external HDD for more space to improve the warehouse.

Some highlighted features for this combination are fellow.

  • 16 GB RAM is one of the best selections if running more than one program simultaneously.
  • The commination shows optimum performance for a gaming pc, as SSD increases the speed and RAM increases the start-up momentum for all the programs.
  • You can easily install average, standard, and heavy games on this combination.
  • It is much more suitable for daily work because it doesn’t lag or slow down the overall performance of a gaming pc.

Is a 512 GB SSD drive being enough for Windows 10 OS?

Window 10 only takes 30 GB of space to install all the programs, and 512 GB SSD is more than enough for Windows 10 OS. If you don’t have the budget for buying 512 SSD, you can buy some less storage SSD drive like 256 GB, etc.

Pro tips

  • 512 GB SSD is enough for daily routine work like Microsoft office, video streaming, web browsing, and gaming.
  • 512 GB SSD drive speeds up the performance of window ten and reduces the boot-up time near seconds.
  • If you have a storage issue, buy external hard for this problem or try another speciation.
  • The purpose of purchasing an SSD drive in mind should be obvious; spending money for more space is not wise for a gamer.

Is a 512 SSD drive being enough for a gaming pc?

512 SSD is the minimum requirement for the best gaming experience. Most heavy games like Witcher 3, FIFA, GATA, PUBG, clash of titan, and the rise of empire cover more than 50 GB of storage space for optimum performance.

Some important keep in mind regarding the features of space.

  • Any storage space less than 512 GB means you compromise the gaming experience.
  • 512 SSD is the minimum requirement for standard and heavy games; otherwise, 1 TB SSD is a better option.
  • For the best gaming experience, a 1 TB SSD is the best choice; otherwise, 512 GB SSD is also enough for good gaming.
  • Start from 512 GB SSD for extreme gaming and then move to 1TB SSD.
  • If you buy a laptop only for gaming, 512 GB is good enough for gaming. For other routine work like Microsoft office, video streaming, and other application, 256 GB SSD is also enough for optimum performance.
  • If you don’t have the investment to buy a 1 TB SSD, focus on the processor for a better gaming experience.
  • Buying a 2 TB HDD is the ultimate storage solution, as it increases the space for other gaming. But it doesn’t increase the speed that 512 GB SSD does.

So, 512 GB SSD is enough for gaming and programming, video editing, YouTube streaming, and other routine works. Combining RAM with SSD increases the speed and improves the gaming laptop’s performance.

Consider the points before any choice.

  • Do you want an internal 512 GB SSD, or can you afford an external HDD for storage space?
  • The budget for a gaming laptop also be well planned
  • Do not concentrate on the internal storage; keep an eye on the other things like processor, battery, graphic cards, and resolution for a better gaming experience.
  • The purpose of buying a 512 GB SSD is evident, either you buying it just for gaming or buying it for daily works.
  • 512 GB SSD is good enough for the average gamer for a gaming laptop.
  • For extreme gaming and a better gaming experience, buy a 1 TB SSD for this purpose, as it will resolve the speed and storage problem.

Best SSDs for a gaming computer

We’ll explain some of the best SSD for a gaming computer, and we suggest these SSDs for a gaming computer after the research of our team and case studies. A list of the best SSD’S for a gaming computer is below.

  • Crucial MX500 (500 GB)
  • Samsung 970 EVO plus (500 GB)
  • Samsung 860 plus (500 GB)
  • Seagate Firecuda 530 (500 GB)
  • W-D Black SN750

The detail of all these SSDs with speciation and other highlighted features is below.

Crucial MX500 (500 GB)

The cheapest and the best for secondary storage


  • Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB
  • Memory: micron TLC
  • Socket: SATA(AHCL)
  • read/write: 560 MB/S ,510/ MB/S

The Crucial MX 500 is cheaper and the best choice for the average gamer. Overall, the quality and performance are excellent and provide a good speed for moderate gaming. The MX500 has a high-quality memory that cuts the other SSD’s.

The Crucial MX500 is one of the outstanding choices with SATA’s optimum theoretical bandwidth limit of 560MB/s.  It’s nearly as faster as you’ll buy, and Crucial’s drives’ best-value options are also available. Hence, it is the most affordable 500 GB SATA drive that you can pick up and make a great second home for your gaming experience.


  • Competitive price
  • One of the fastest SATA SSD
  • Goof endurance
  • Top performance


  • Slow compared to any other SSD’s
  • Low endurance rating for heavy data writes

Samsung 970 EVO plus (500 GB)

Most affordable PCle 3.0 SSD


  • Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB
  • Memory: Samsung 3-bit MLC
  • Socket: 2
  • write: 3200 MB/S
  • read: 3500 MB/S

The Samsung 970 EVO plus is another great SSD for a gaming computer.

Here’s another Samsung SSD for your gaming computer for a better gaming experience. The Samsung 970 EVO Plus has the latest PCIe 3.0 SSD before moving into the higher-spec PCIe 4.0.  Drives introduced with AMD’s 3rd Gen Ryzen and the Samsung 970 EVO Plus raise almost half the original price. Thanks to a drastic drop in memory and storage pricing, the SSD has maintained value throughout its gaming experience.

The Samsung 970 EVO Plus has remarkable features compared to the Samsung 970 EVO at the same price. The writing performance is much better than other SSD’s.


  • Same price as Samsung 970 Evo
  • Higher performance
  • Improved endurance
  • Samsung SSD technology
  • Outstanding real-world optimum performance


  • Better optimized for efficiency

Samsung 860 plus (500 GB)

The best SATA SSDs in the series


Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB

Memory: Samsung 3-bit MLE

Socket: SATA(AHCL) 550 MB/S

Seq.write: 520 MB/S

The Samsung 860 plus is an excellent choice for a standard gaming computer, as it offers capacity in different stores with the latest Samsung technology. The Samsung 3-bit MLE is the final stage of Samsung, where the company has five years warranty on these SATA SSDs at an affordable rate. The SATA SSD’s boost up the speed of gaming consoles and enhance the overall performance of the associated hardware.


  • One of the fastest SATA drives
  • Fantastic endurance
  • Five years warranty


  • Lack of performance
  • Slow speed
  • It needs to replace with some other SSD’s

Seagate Firecuda 530 (500 GB)

A speedy PCle 4.0 SSD that last longer


Capacity: 500 GB, 1000 GB, 2000 GB

Memory: Micron 176L TLC NAND

Socket: SATA 7300 MB/S

Seq.write: 6900 MB/S

Western Digital and Samsung are both the major stakeholder of storage space and have the latest SATA SSD technology for a gaming computer. But Seagate is a new entry in the storage world and has the latest PCle 4.0 SSD’s perfect for a gaming experience.

The rated read and writing are excellent with fantastic endurance compared to another giant, Firecuda 530, beating with its high-end performance. All you need for a good gaming experience, Seagate Firecuda 530 (500 GB) is an excellent choice. In addition, the company offers five years warranty on the PCle 4.0 SSDs for customer satisfaction.


  • All-round great performance
  • Excellent endures rating


  • Expensive PCle 4.0
  • Lack AES-256 bit


The top PCle 3.0 SSDs


Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB, 2000 GB

Memory: Sandisk/ Toshiba 3D TLC

Socket: SATA(AHCL) 3470 MB/S

Seq.write: 3000 MB/S

The W-D BLACK SN750 is outstanding in the solid-state drive as it was worth the price. The brand cuts down the cost of Samsung, western storage, and Seagate and provides the remarkable PCle 3.0 SSDs in the market with excellent features.

The interesting in-house combination of Sandisk / Toshiba 3D TLC in memory controller beat the Samsung technology with its high-end performance. Heatsink techniques attract gamers for the making of a new gaming pc.


  • Competitive price
  • Serious SSD performance
  • In-house technology


  • Power consumption is very high


There are several factors involved while buying an SSD drive. The primary purpose of buying SSD over HDD is just because of high-speed. The fastest speed is the main objective that a gamer wants from every movement. 512 GB SSD is more than enough for a gaming laptop. We suggest 512 GB to 1 TB SSD is excellent for high-gaming and professional working. The problem of storage space can resolve by adding an external HDD for a better experience. After selecting storage, select the best PCle drive for a gaming computer. In detail, we see the best gaming SSDs for a gaming computer. Select any of the above and enjoy the gaming.

Final answer:

512 GB SSD is enough for gaming. It facilitates you if a gamer has a combination of RAM and SSD with a powerful processor for an excellent gaming experience. In addition, 512 GB SSD is enough for video editing, online streaming, programming, professional working, routine work, and other Microsoft office work.

It was all about the article is 512 GB SSD is enough for gaming. If you have any queries, please write them in the comment section.













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