How To Turn Your Normal Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

Laptops, unlike desktop PCs, are difficult to upgrade due to their small size. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of converting a regular old laptop into a gaming laptop. I still want to know How to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop. You have the RAM and hard drive to improve the gaming performance of your outdated machine.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when changing your gear and software. So, let’s begin with upgrading your hardware, followed by your operating system.

How To Turn Your Normal Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

How To Turn Your Normal Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

Evaluate current hardware

First and foremost, you must assess the hardware of your old laptop. You’ll need to figure out which pieces need to be upgraded in specific. Make a list of all the parts’ models and serial numbers to be easily replaced. To turn your average old laptop into a gaming laptop, you’ll most likely upgrade its RAM and storage.

Upgrade the Hardware

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Memory (RAM) is an essential component of every laptop or desktop computer. When you start a game on your computer, RAM works as your matches are loaded into it. RAM is used directly instead of the hard disc because it is quicker and designed to store temporary data. Adding additional RAM is always a good idea, but if you have more RAM than the data you need to keep, the extra always ends up in the trash.

If your computer only has 4GB of RAM, it’s time to upgrade to 8GB or more. 4GB RAM will only allow you to play outdated games; you would need at least 8-16GB of RAM to play newer games. To improve gaming performance, if your laptop’s motherboard has two memory slots with two 2GB RAMs installed, you should replace them with two 4GB or two 8GB RAMs. The game, however, does not finish here. Pay attention to the DDR designations and the clock speed.

DDR4 is the current standard. Thus it’s better to go with it if your motherboard supports it. Check sure the RAM you’re buying is compatible with your laptop’s motherboard before you buy it.

Now we’ll talk about the clock speed, which controls how many cycles the Random-Access Memory can do in a second. DDR4 RAM has a clock speed of 2133MHz or 2400MHz.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Your old laptop will undoubtedly feature an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). So, if you want to turn your old laptop into a fast-paced gaming laptop, you’ll need to convert from HDD to SSD (Solid State Drive).

A solid-state drive (SSD) is always a better option than a regular hard drive. It will not increase your frame rate, but it will shorten the time for the game to start up. An SSD takes less than half the time to boot a match than an HDD. There will also be a difference in the time it takes to load.

SSDs and HDDs, on the other hand, are not adversaries; they are partners. Nothing beats having the option to install both an HDD and an SSD to your laptop motherboard.

The question now is which disc is best for storing games, and the answer is a solid-state drive (SSD). This is because it has a faster loading and booting time. If your laptop has two drive bays, you should install both an HDD and an SSD, but the SSD is the best option if it only has one.

The greatest HDD and SSD combination is a “1TB HDD with 128GB or 256GB SSD.”

Graphics Card

Most laptops make it impossible to upgrade the graphics card or processor. Both of these components are usually soldered to the motherboard of your computer. However, you can gain an extra graphics output by purchasing an external unit and connecting it to your system’s USB connection. This will allow you to drive an additional display in addition to your laptop’s built-in screen.

Upgrade the Operating System

Windows 10

Upgrading to the most recent version of Windows can help improve your old laptop’s gaming performance. If you already have Windows 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 with ease. You should upgrade to Windows 10 because it will allow you to play both new and old games with ease.

All you have to do now is remove Windows 8 from your hard disc and replace it with Windows 10.

Windows 10 is 1% to 2% better than that of Windows 8. As long as you have the necessary hardware, any game you play on Windows 10 will run at a high level.

Direct X

Another thing you may do is make sure you have the most recent Direct X version installed. The best part about Windows 10 is that it supports Direct X 12, the most current version.

Unlike other operating systems, Windows 10 provides seamless compatibility for Direct X 12. It also allows games to take advantage of the Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit chips to get more out of them. Resultantly, the performance of games is automatically improved.


So, we’ve covered all of the critical methods and ideas that will assist you in converting your regular laptop into a gaming laptop. However, as this technique should be done under professional supervision, you risk damaging your computer.

Our article “How to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop?” comes to a close here. If you truly need to turn your laptop into a gaming machine, you may do so using the ways listed above and improve your gaming experience.

Please don’t put it off any longer; complete the configurations immediately and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience on your regular laptop. So, don’t forget to contact us with your comments on “How Can I Turn My Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?”

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