Are BenQ Monitors Good? – Best BenQ Monitor Reviews

Are BenQ Monitors Good? The BenQ monitor is perfect for gaming, image viewing, and everyday use. Is BenQ monitors up to standard? Will they meet your requirements? There are numerous problems, so don’t be concerned. Continue reading to learn more about this brand.

We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks, as well as recommend a few monitors.

Are BenQ Monitors Good

Are BenQ Monitors Good?

Is BenQ a Good Brand?

Is BenQ monitors up to standard? First, you should ask yourself this question. You want to be sure that the BenQ monitor quality is as stated. There’s good news! This product review was created to help you find answers to your questions.

Everyone can find a monitor from BenQ. Some displays have a high resolution for video editing and photography, while others are consoles or ideal for PC gaming. A BenQ display is an excellent choice if you want to have the most incredible gaming experience possible.

These monitors come in various sizes, from minor to big, and have resolutions up to 4K. It’s a piece of cake to get the ideal monitor for your room.

BenQ monitors are available in various pricing ranges, from low-cost to high-end. These items are both outstanding and eye-catching. You will not be upset after buying one of these.

Who Makes BenQ Monitors?

BenQ Company is a Taiwanese global corporation that manufactures and distributes technological goods, electronics, and communication equipment. It was founded in 1984 by K. Y. Lee. BenQ is an acronym that stands for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life.”

BenQ Corporation is known for its aesthetics as well as its performance. Therefore, their monitors are nearly ubiquitous in the world of professional gaming. This company has created some of the top gaming monitors available today.

Product Highlights

We’ve listed some of the notable features of BenQ displays below. These should assist you in ensuring that you are purchasing the correct product for your requirements.

Basic Features

Screen Size

BenQ displays provide advantages to professional gamers that enhance their chances of success. Whether you’re a content streamer or a casual player, you can concentrate on the screen. There are no distractions on the net that might detract from your gaming experience. BenQ screens are available in various sizes to suit everyone’s needs. It’s important to remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better. The larger the screen, the further you must sit away from it to enjoy it. The most immersive viewing angle will be found on a 32-inch screen.


Another essential specification to think about is the resolution. In this scenario, bigger is usually better.

Screens with a more significant number of pixels will have sharper displays. Higher resolutions necessitate a more substantial amount of power to drive the pixels. The enhanced solution will be most beneficial to PC gamers.

Refresh Rate

If you look closely at any monitor’s features, you’ll notice the abbreviation Hz. This frequency unit determines the number of cycles per second of an image on your screen.

For gamers, BenQ requires monitors with a refresh rate of around 144Hz. For gamers, its refresh rate is ideal. It’s perfect for gamers who are constantly wanting to improve their gear. As a result, BenQ’s gaming monitors are designed specifically for computer gaming.

Response Time

One of the most critical specifications for display screens is response time. It determines the clarity of an image for consumers. There should be no ghosting or blurriness.

Low response time causes lag, which makes games uncomfortable. The closer you get to 1 millisecond, the better your gaming will be.

Fast response times are required for the most outstanding results on a monitor. BenQ monitors have response times of 1ms or less.

Panel type

Another significant consideration while looking for the best gaming monitor is the panel type. In gaming monitors, many kinds of panels perform nicely. Different types of gamers will benefit from these panels.

Different types of panels can be found on other monitors. Which is the most appropriate for your requirements? IPS, TN, or VA (Twisted Nematic, Vertical alignment, or In-plane switching). Choosing the right display panel over another can help you perform better. Your gameplay is a priority, regardless of your preference.

You will benefit from using BenQ display whether you are a competitive gamer or just playing for leisure. TN panels excel in speed and brilliant colors, whereas VA panels excel in all-around performance and contrast. IPS provides the most attractive color and viewing details.

Please keep in mind that the speed of VA and IPS panels is not well-known.

BenQ Monitor Comparison

We understand how difficult it is to choose one monitor amid so many excellent options. We’ve taken the liberty of comparing the top three monitors we discovered below. We also emphasized the most crucial specifications.


 BenQ EX2780Q 27-Inch

 A BenQ EL2870U 28-Inch

 BenQ EW3270U 32-Inch


  Screen Size










  Refresh rate





  response time





  Panel type






BenQ Monitor for Gaming

A BenQ display is one of the best gaming monitors you will ever purchase. The three best exhibitions for gaming needs are listed above.

BenQ EX2780Q 27-InchPros:

  • High refresh rates
  • Excellent resolution
  • Quality Sound


  • Screen flickering
  • BenQ EL2870U 28-Inch


  • Built-in speakers
  • Image quality is exceptional.
  • Response time and refresh rates are excellent.


  • Control buttons are behind the display
  • BenQ EW3270U 32-Inch


  • Large display
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Many connectivity options


  • No color uniformity sometimes
  • Poor sound quality


These monitors offer immersive gaming, quick response times, and high refresh rates. One thing is sure: whether you buy a BenQ monitor for home, gaming, or workplace use, you will not be disappointed. All of the displays are distinct, yet the variances are barely discernible when comparing them.

Having the appropriate monitor is critical for getting the most outstanding results. As you make your decision, keep your primary purpose for buying in mind, as well as your budget. What’s the final word? BenQ monitors are rated as excellent. They’re fantastic!

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