How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Gaming Computer?

Nothing is more frustrating than having no control over whether or not you can play your favorite PC games because your machine isn’t up to pace.

Worse, if you’re still under the age of 18, you’re probably still living with your parents. And, because you’re too preoccupied with schoolwork, you’re unlikely to have a job or any other source of earnings. So, in the end, there’s nothing you can do to acquire yourself a new gaming PC.

Your only choice is to approach your parents…

How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Gaming Computer

However, if you can make a compelling case to your parents for why you need a new gaming PC, they may be eager to accommodate you.

And, if you’re seeking the most potent argument to persuade your Mom and Dad to your side of a story, I believe I can assist you…

The Single Most Powerful Argument for Getting Your Parents to Buy You a Gaming Computer

First and foremost, don’t misinterpret the word “argue” to mean “fight” with your parents. I use the term “argument” to refer to the presentation of your case.

It would be best to convey why you should have a gaming computer respectfully to have the best chance of convincing your parents to buy you a gaming computer. There will be no kicking, yelling, or sulking… It’s time for you to get down to business.

Getting down to business also entails taking matters seriously.

Because I’m providing you with this argument, you must agree to convey it maturely. If you don’t, the gaming angels will inflict incalculable punishment on you in the form of massive latency spikes and FPS dips…

Now that we’ve established the ground rules, here’s the incredible case you’re going to make:

“You don’t want your parents to spend money on a new gaming computer for you… You need them to acquire the parts so you may try and build your computer (Which You Will Also Use for Gaming).”

Why is this the best argument you have to persuade your parents to help you buy a gaming computer? It’s because your parents are concerned about your well-being… They don’t want you to spend the rest of your life wasting away in front of a computer playing video games.

They want you to succeed, learn, and mature into a contributing part of society… Unfortunately, they do not perceive video games as a means of doing this.

On the other hand, building your gaming PC may persuade your parents to support you because it is a valuable activity. Computers are the engine that drives this planet, and those who know the most about them usually make a good living. And, since that’s what your parents want for you, they’ll be more likely to acquire you the gaming machine you’ve always wanted if they know you’re interested in computers.

Step-By-Step Directions to Presenting Your Case to Your Parents

Okay, I’ve presented you with the case. You’ll have a far greater chance of persuading your parents to buy you a system if you can commit to creating it yourself.

While some of you may have already figured out how to make this case to your parents, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to aid those of you who need a little extra help persuading your parents that this is more than simply a gift…

Step 1: Present Your Case

You should present your case at the initial phase of making your argument. Tell your parents you want to create your gaming PC and why you think it will be helpful.

Here are six reasons why it would be helpful for you to develop your system that you may tell your parents:

  1. Building your computer will teach you how computers operate, which you will apply for the rest of your life.
  2. You can save your parents money by building your computer rather than buying one already made.
  3. It will teach patience in you, the ability to follow directions, and the ability to complete the task at hand.
  4. You’ll value your computer more now that you have made it yourself.
  5. You can branch out into other related fields to understand how to make a computer, such as a computer programming (where people make a lot of money!)
  6. The holidays, or your birthday, are approaching, and it would be a wonderful present for you.

Of course, you could come up with a million more, but these are an excellent place to start. Remember, the most important thing is to convince your parents that this is a worthwhile cause, and you must keep your end of the bargain by presenting your case professionally and maturely. It’ll only work if you do it that way.

Step 2: Be A Perfect Child!

At this point, most people would advise you to haggle with your parents… They may advise you to promise to do the dishes every night for the rest of your life… Or that this year you’ll receive straight A’s… Or that you’ll never be nasty to your younger sibling again.

Rather than haggling with them, do it! Start doing the dishes even if they don’t ask you to. Make sure your room is tidy. Treat your siblings with more respect. Improve your grades. When they ask you to stop playing video games, do so.

Demonstrate to your parents that you are mature and sensible! Oh wait, shouldn’t you be doing all of this anyway?!

Your parents will be far more likely to support you in your quest to construct your gaming PC if you do this.

Step 3: Accept Their Decision and Move On

Even if building your computer is less expensive than buying one pre-built, you still ask your parents to do something pricey.

So, even if constructing your computer is the strongest argument you have, your parents still have the final say. In any case, you must respect their decision.

However, if you want a new gaming machine and your parents aren’t willing to spend that much money on you, you can ask your parents if you can start looking for small side jobs. (You can also try to find a weekend job if you’re old enough.)

This is a better method to demonstrate your maturity and responsibility, as well as a fantastic way to save money for your gaming computer.

To Conclude; Hopefully, You’re Now One Step Closer To Getting Your Gaming Computer

Well, you gave it your all, and that was the best you could do! I hope you presented your argument correctly, and if your parents declined your request. I hope you accepted their decision without disputing it.

If you or your parents have any queries concerning the process of building the computer. Please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

If you learned a new thing about convincing your parents to get you a Gaming Computer? Today, then please don’t forget to share this article with others. If you have any questions or suggestions for us. Please feel free to write them in the comment section down below.


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