What Type of Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use? – Exclusive Info for Ninja Fans to Know

Are you looking for a gaming chair does ninja uses? Ninja has grabbed the gaming world by storm, bringing pc gaming into the public. Ninja is most known for his Fortnite YouTube videos and Twitch streams and has appeared in games with superstars like Drake and Marshmallow.

His gaming setup is top-of-the-line as a professional gamer, and many aspiring gamers look to him for the most incredible gaming gear.

Although significant attention has been paid to the computer he uses, nothing is known about the gaming chair. As a result, I went ahead and found out which chairs Ninja considers to be the finest for gaming.

Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use

What Type of Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

So, what is Ninja’s gaming chair? Ninja presently sits in a custom-designed Maxnomic gaming chair from NeedforSeat but has previously competed in tournaments with Dxracer, Techni, and AKracing seats. He used ordinary office chairs earlier in his Twitch/YouTube streaming career.

Now that we know what gaming chair Ninja has used in the past, we have to wonder what a gaming chair is and what makes this one so unique? Many prominent gaming presenters, such as Ninja, play using gaming seats, which may be pretty expensive. So, let’s look at why Ninja uses a gaming chair.

What is a Gaming Chair?

So, what exactly is a gaming chair? What distinguishes them from standard office chairs? A gaming chair is a type of office chair that focuses on giving the most comfort, support, and adaptability to allow you to sit for extended amounts of time. These chairs often have a racing bucket-style seat with a variety of colors.

They may usually be modified to allow the user to fully recline and set the armrests and lumbar support in whatever way the gamer desires. The goal is for the individual in the chair to remain sat for as long as feasible without becoming tired or uncomfortable.

All of this appears to be something you might receive from any high-end office chair, so what distinguishes these seats as gaming chairs?

Apart from the greater flexibility, these gaming seats’ bright colors and crisp design are the most noticeable differences.

Colors and aesthetics may not seem crucial in a chair, but they are pretty important in the gaming industry, where streaming is the game’s name. Streamers typically have a window in the corner of their stream to display their face and room while gaming.

The presence of a vividly colored bucket-seat office chair is apparent. Consider a gaming chair equivalent to a suit and tie in the gaming world. It’s a sign that you’re a professional gamer.

The Maxnomic Gaming Chair

The design of this gaming chair has several unique characteristics. The seatback has a 49-degree recline and a 7-degree tilt forward.

In addition to the reclining and tilting ranges, the Maxnomic offers five additional seat tilt positions that, when combined with the seatback adjustability, allow you to attain a wide range of parts for maximum comfort while sitting.

The chair also has a lumbar support backrest with a knob to control the different amounts of pressure applied by the backrest. The chair’s armrests can be adjusted in height, width, tilt degree, and location.

This chair, which costs $499, includes all of the hooks and gadgets that gamers like Ninja use to stream and play for hours at a time.

Ninja’s Maxnomic chair is personalized with its logo and color scheme. The cost of a custom design will differ based on the design’s complexity and the number of words used. The cost of Ninjas chair is estimated to be between $600 and $700.

What are the Benefits of using a Gaming Chair?

Besides being incredibly comfy and stylish, gaming seats provide several functional advantages. Sitting in one posture for long periods can be stressful for your body, resulting in persistent back discomfort and cardiac problems.

Gaming chairs are made to assist you in maintaining proper posture and supporting the muscles in your back that deteriorate due to poor posture and cause back pain.

Additionally, by promoting healthy posture, your blood circulation will improve, reducing the risk of cardiac problems in the future. Another advantage of gaming seats is their ability to save space. They are often simple to put together and can be folded and moved around to fit into any space.

In terms of gaming benefits, while a gaming chair won’t transform you into a pro gamer overnight. It will allow you to be comfortable enough to focus entirely on gaming and stay focused for more extended periods, which will help you become a better player.

Is it Worth the Price?

Ninja sits in a NeedforSeat Maxnomic gaming chair, one of the most popular gaming chair brands. In 2006, NeedforSeat was one of the first gaming chair firms to emerge.

NeedforSeat has chairs for players of various levels, from moderate to full-time streamers. Many Esports contests have used their chairs in competitions, and many top gaming Twitch streamers have also used them. I tried out the Maxnomic Quadceptor OFC and was happy with the chair’s quality and comfort.

We’ve already discussed what the chair can accomplish and the company’s reputation. But is the $499 price tag genuinely justified? Yes, the functionality will be welcomed. The chair’s reputation will establish your gaming professionalism to newer viewers if you are a full-time gaming streamer who spends at least 8 hours a day sitting and gaming.

If this isn’t for you, there are plenty of other low- to mid-priced gaming chairs that offer decent support and flexibility without breaking the budget.

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Bottom Line:

Ninja sits in a NeedforSeat Maxnomic gaming chair, one of the most popular gaming chair brands. In 2006, this was one of the first brands to provide gaming chairs. NeedforSeat appeals to me since it offers gaming chairs for all types of gamers, from casual to full-time broadcasters and everything in between. Many Twitch streamers and Esports competitors have used NeedforSeat chairs.

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