What is the best operating system for a gaming pc

The window has been the best operating system for gaming. There is a war between PC windows and consoles for gaming because both provide excellent gaming experiences. With each passing day, the latest and fastest games and consoles improve from the major brands.

Today, every piece of hardware needs to attach with some updated software, especially with the operating system. CPU(central processing unit) is the brain; OS is the soul of every computer. Without soul(OS), a computer is no longer workable.

What is the best operating system for a gaming pc

Operating system created and optimized for various purposes—many advantages and disadvantages associated with this operating system. Microsoft Window is optimized for usability and share almost 77% of the market share. macOS optimized for Apple devices shares nearly 18% of the total market. Linux shares practically 2% of the entire market share as an Operating system.

Now the question is, what is the best operating system for a gaming pc? Microsoft Windows dominates the market share, then is it best for running a game?

To know the answer, we should know what is the operating system and how it works?

What is an Operating System (OS)?

We discussed this earlier. An operating system is a soul, and the CPU is the brain of the computer. OS is the boss who orders the other parts of the computer like CPU, GPU, and other hardware to perform according to its dictation. OS runs applications, games, software, hardware, storage files, and many more. The selection of the best operating system for a gaming Pc depends upon the performance of the OS and the selection game.

According to our research and case studies, we find the best operating system for a gaming pc. All possible information discussed and best Operating system recommended.  The list of best-operating systems for a gaming pc is below.

  • Microsoft Window 10
  • Microsoft Window 7
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Steam OS
  • Deepin
  • Debian

in addition, Further detail of all these operating systems with all necessary and relevant information discussing below. So, let’s start it.

Microsoft Window 10

Talk about the brighter side of Microsoft Windows 10; from many other operating systems, window 10 is the most widely used by gamers globally. Window 10 is the topmost operating system for a gaming pc by the year 0f 2021, as it supports more games other than any operating system. That’s is the leading reason for the best operating system for gaming.

Some other essential features regarding PC gaming in pc, the Microsoft window have Direct X12, new characteristic in Xbox, and a highly optimized operating system. Its stability and modern software structure make it the best. Microsoft window 10 makes a little bit of update in the operating system instead of creating a new operating system for the following year.

When you run window 10 for gaming, keep in mind that it minimizes or breakdown the system from failure. Window 10 has a 64 architecture structure that supports the latest games from X box, Direct X, and open GL libraries. Window 10 has an Xbox console that gives you access to the latest games. You may get access through Windows 10. Hence, it is the best operating system for gaming pc.


  • The large variety of games
  • Optimized and stable
  • User-friendly


  • Breakdown issue
  • Security problems

Therefore,  it is the best and latest operating system for gaming. It has all the necessary features that a gamer requires for gaming.

Microsoft Window 7

Window 7 was the best window and operating system for gaming in the world, as it was Microsoft’s most efficient and famous operating system globally. Window 7 operating system is the best choice for a gaming pc just because it is a stable, reliable, fast operating system—this operating system has Direct X software. Window 7 operating system stand number one among all the operating system.

By the end of 2020, window seven operating systems supports had stopped. It doesn’t receive any updates. An interesting fact about this operating system is that it was crash-free OS.

You can still engage with the window seven operating system for gaming due to high compatibility and performance with old titles. For a passionate gamer, the window seven operating systems is the best for the evident experience. As an operating system, window 7 requires a 1-2 Gigahertz 32-bit or 64-bit processor, 16-32 GB hard storage, and 2 GB RAM for optimum performance.

All these features are present on the latest and average laptop and easily bought under the budget of $300.


  • Stable and mostly used
  • Lighter than window 10
  • Handle easily
  • Better customizable
  • Best GUI design
  • Gamer best choice


  • Not support to DX12
  • Vulnerable for viruses
  • No updates
  • Lack behind speed

Window 7 operating system supports heavy games and editing for the programmer. Due to its high-end performance and user-friendly version, it is the best for gaming lovers.

Mac OS (Macintosh operating system)

Macintosh has the exceptionally and latest graphics for gaming, as It is highly in demand and it is the best operating system for a gaming pc. Every single product of Apple built-in with mac operating system pre-installed. Mac OS has optimized graphics, visuals, sleek user interference, and is highly secure for gaming.

OS Catalina is the updated version of Mojave, and mac OS is the updated version of Mojave. Mac OS is less adaptive to viruses as compared to other operating systems. Mac OS is very secure and grants significantly fewer chances for viruses to attack your gaming Pc.

macOS supports a small collection of games such as PUBG, League of Legends, and Minecraft. Window playing games when playing on macOS make some problems. Mac operating system is not developed for gaming because Apple users have iOS for mobile gaming. Mac operating system is not associated with windows for high-end performance.

Mac operating system shows a lack of performance when loading heavily graphical games.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Stunning visuals
  • No virus threats
  • Secure for online gaming


  • Supports limited games
  • High coast
  • Decrease performance when loading heavy graphical games
  • Rarely updated

Regardless of all pros and cons, macOS is the best choice for every gamer. Limited games supported is the only problem associated with this operating system. For fastest gaming and captive graphics, mac operating system is the best choice.


Linux ranked the third number as an operating system, as it shares almost 2% as OS globally. Linux kernel boosts different operating systems. We usually do not recommend Linux for beginners. It is very complex and lacks software compatibility. Hacker and back-end professional programmers use Linux operating system.

As such, Linux operating system is not suitable for a gaming pc. It is very sophisticated and requires a set of skills to run it properly. Any changes in this operating system are possible if you have the required information. Linux operating system is the most secure, robust, and high-level, sophisticated PC user.

Linux operating system is much more different from other OS because it does not support Direct X and other software for gaming. It targets the professional, high-end user, supports low-end hardware. Valve OS product of Linux is the only platform that supports games.


  • Robust system
  • Free to use
  • Support most of hardware
  • Easy to use
  • Unrestricted option


  • Sophisticated option
  • Low performance
  • Support only a few games
  • Hard to use for a beginners
  • Don’t support some graphic card

Linux-based operating systems have desktops and laptops. They have included CentOS, Kali, Arch, Debian, Valve steam OS, and Ubuntu. Some companies have developed them as an operating system.


Ubuntu is the operating system of Linux. Ubuntu is slowly making its path in the gaming world. Ubuntu is the weakest operating system out of the three central operating systems such as Microsoft window, macOS, and Linux. Ubuntu and Linux in the future join together for a hardcore game.

Ubuntu is not suitable and probably not recommended for gaming. It is not optimized for gaming. But you can access it individually after paying hefty fees to this operating system.


  • Dual monitor support
  • Unique and standard display
  • Internet access is helpful
  • VGA capable of high resolution


  • Some security issues
  • Low performance
  • Not a user-friendly

Steam Operating system

Steam OS is compatible with different hardware available in the market. Steam OS  has based on Debian 8 and Debian Jessie, and you can easily use it with your keyboard, mouse, and joystick. A manual driver can install in the absence of a graphic card. Steam OS has pre-installed steam built in the system. You may hurt after knowing that it is only compatible with steam games.

Playing games away from a personal computer is the main target of this operating system. You can take it as the best operating system for a gaming pc for beginners. Steam OS uses console-like user interference, and you can easily connect your pc to a television or LED’s screen.

The streaming option is also available in Steam OS, and you can share your gaming screen on youtube, Facebook, and other media channels. This operating system doesn’t support any features like image viewer and file manager.


  • Smooth user interface
  • Supports GPU out of box
  • Compatible with mouse and keyboard
  • It helps most steam games


  • High bit requires for hardware
  • Only compatible with Steam games


Deepin is free of cost and best for the running application. Deepin is an open-source OS based on Debian’s stable branch, and it has a beautiful aesthetic and an eye-catching interface. DDE is the main feature of deepin. DDE stands for deepin Desktop Environment.

Deepin qualifies for a gaming operating system because it has its own little niche OS. It is free and updated with the shortcomings of Debian.

Some exciting features of deepin make it suitable for a better operating system for a gaming PC. These features are file manager, screenshots, images and movie viewers, and many more.


  • User-friendly
  • Robust aesthetics
  • Latest security features
  • Simple installation method


  • Hard to use
  • Low performance


Debian is a Linux-kernel-based free operating system for running applications. It is a free-source operating system because  Debian offers 59000 packages in pre-compiled software bundled in a better format. Debian is a free-installed operating system and has user- friendly interface.

Regardless of processor speed, it offers a faster and lighter rate. A built-in security firewall protects private data and increases the performance of gaming computers. The exciting feature of the Debian operating system is easy to install through any medium.


  • Advanced networking system
  • Open-free source
  • User-friendly
  • Advanced security features


  • Not the versatile operating system
  • Lack of performance
  • Low graphic and visual aspects

Our Recommendation

The operating system is the soul of gaming and any pc—selection of operating system based on the choice of games. Our recommendation for the best operating system for a gaming pc, along with the rating, is below.

  1. Microsoft window 5/5 (reigning gaming operating system)
  2. Mac OS 4/5(Still have a long way for gaming)
  3. A Linux OS 3/5 (Weakest but better option for gaming)

The window is the best operating system from all aspects, as it offers the fastest, latest, high-end performance for the gaming pc. The operating system requires a few updates. macOS is also the best choice for a limited collection of games because no operating system can beat MacOS for its graphics and visuals aspects. Linux has ranked in the third number because of its sophistication and complexity. Otherwise, Linux is also a good option for gaming.


What is the best OS for a gaming pc in 2021?

Microsoft window 10 is the latest operating system and has the total number of games in it. More than 20 000 games are available on this operating system.

Is window ten best for a gaming pc?

Microsoft claims that the window ten operating system is the best OS for offline and online gaming. It is an optimized window for heavy games.

Which operating system is best for game development?

For game development, window 10 with 64-bit is the best operating system. It provides more accessible and latest DirectX support.

Is gaming affects the operating system?

Yes, gaming heavily affects the operating system of pc. Window 10 is considered the best OS for optimum gaming performance.

Who is the winner for the best operating system for a gaming PC?

Window stands first for the best os for a gaming pc. MacOS is the best choice for those who play limited games such as Pubg, league of legends and rise of an empire, etc.

Is Linux better than MacOS?

A Linux is a better option for gaming. But, MacOS compete with Linux for gaming and performance.  And Linux is suitable for average and low-cost gamers. macOS is the best choice for gaming with visuals and graphics.



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