How Video Games Affect Your Brain in 6 ways?

When the issue of how video games influence your brain arises, what comes to mind is a video game addiction. A topic that many psychologists are thinking about more and more these days. It is harmful to one’s mental health.

We are continually bombarded with contradicting information regarding gaming addiction and its impact on our brains. Some studies demonstrate that gaming nowadays enhances our learning, while others show that it causes the populace to become increasingly destructive. Video games may have both positive and negative aspects.

At first glance, more than 100 million individuals throughout the world spend quality time playing video games on a regular basis. Most of you consider youngsters when we talk about video games. That is correct.

Ninety percent of youngsters participate in video gaming. When the kids aren’t there, though, the majority of individuals are in front of the PlayStation. A gamer’s average age is 33 years old. If we look at the expected demographics of video game players, we can see that they will be older adults in the future.

As a result, video gaming is ubiquitous in our culture. It’s evident that it’s here to stay. It has a huge influence on our daily lives.

Take, for example, the game ‘’Call of Duty: Black Ops,” which had been played for 68,000 years after its initial release. Video games, on the other hand, are one of the most popular kinds of entertainment.

In today’s society, games appeal to people of all ages and come in a variety of genres and formats. Most people’s minds are now occupied with the subject of how gaming affects the brain. Many experts have proposed their own hypotheses and theories on how video games may influence the brain.

6 Ways ‘’Video Games’’ Affect Your Brain


The brain’s capacity to keep appropriate balance and walk about erect is a vital function. And equilibrium is a skill that is significantly influenced. Senior folks’ balance and gait can be improved by playing video games as they become older.

Seniors who were assessed after playing computer games had a better sense of balance and gait. According to research that happened in Chicago. Dyslexia is a neurological medical disorder that affects youngsters who do not increase their range reading comprehension ability.

This is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Which makes it difficult for people to read, write, and spell. When Cellcom mentioned research initiatives, it stated that video games may be a viable solution for youngsters suffering from this disease.


According to a study, video gaming might really help the brain become more cognitively flexible. This refers to the brain’s capacity to go from one thought to the next fast. In the brain’s component of cognition, cognitive flexibility is a key influence.

And the study looked at how gaming may assist gamers to improve their skills by employing a real-time strategy and good gaming equipment. It was observed that switching quickly between different sources of information for the game really increased players’ cognitive flexibility.


The platers are encouraged to recognize a large number of items in a crowded environment by playing video games. This aids young individuals in visually distinguishing between colors that are extremely similar in terms of shade.

The examination focused on gamers who worked with action games like Call of Duty and others. This was demonstrated by a 43% increase in their awareness of distinct hues. Providing them a better feeling of contrast, visual data sensitivity, and color perception.

They elicit a rainbow of emotions, as well as innovative problem-solving and reasoning games. Angry Birds is much more than just throwing feathered buddies at scared pigs. When it comes to Angry Birds levels, there is a method to the madness. You must consider the best approach to reach the summit of a complicated building.


According to research conducted in New York, playing video games on a daily basis helps young people improve their hand-eye coordination.

For difficult medical operations, doctors who grew up playing video games benefit from the training and time spent playing them, according to the study, which aids in the performance of laparoscopic surgical procedures. In addition,  for controlling robotic instruments for minimally invasive operations.


According to studies, playing video games can aid in the improvement of grey matter in the human brain. As a result, it’s possible that people who play video games have stronger control over subtle bodily motions.

When compared to people who aren’t gamers. Gamers have greater grey matter in two regions of the brain that are linked to acquiring motor abilities. Furthermore, gamers were discovered to have faster response times than non-gamers. Noises or activities in the environment might easily distract some students at school.


To avoid sibling fights, many individuals hand up their phones or any other technology to play games.

However, this appears to be merely an outer calm scenario, since they are unaware that it might cause significant brain damage to the infant. Furthermore, it has the potential to cause more serious issues in the long run.

Reactive games engage your child’s limbic system, often known as downstairs, in the brain of a toddler when they pick a video game during screen time. It also turns on and releases stress chemicals.

Furthermore, the heart rate elevates, as does the pace of breathing. As a result, the health of the children may be jeopardized.


So those were the most fundamental and typical effects of video gaming on the brain. We hope you found our post to be informative and that you will adjust your video gaming time properly.

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