Best Ram For Ryzen 7 1800x [Expert Reviews]

In the sphere of RAM, there may be a brand new trend, together with AMD’s new Ryzen 1800X.AMD’s new CPU works in tandem with RAM that runs at a better frequency. RAM makers have started to provide new RAMs that feature relatively properly with this new platform and layout. Along with the brand new XMP 2.

When it involves overall performance, the foremost best Ram for Ryzen 7 1800X is crucial. You need the very best overall performance RAM feasible whether or not you are gaming or simply doing regular sports for your computer.

Zero standards, those new RAMs provide better frequencies and faster speeds. The new RAMs are consequently absolutely well suited to the brand new platform. These new RAMs provide primary overclocking abilities that offer an overall performance and velocity boom to the customer.


This is why we have got positioned up a listing of the excellent RAM for Ryzen 1800X processors. Also the compatibility of 1800x RAM is low. The following is a listing of the fine RAM for the AMD Ryzen 1800X that we ought to locate.

Tech Specifications For Selecting Ram for BEST RAM FOR RYZEN 7 1800X

1800x wiki and specification given below

  • Platform=Boxed Processor Product Family=AMD Ryzen™ Processors
  • Product Line=AMD Ryzen™ 7 Desktop Processors
  • # of CPU Cores=8
  • # of Threads=sixteen
  • Max.Boost Clock=Up to 4.0GHz
  • Base Clock=3.6GHz
  • L1 Cache=768KB
  • L2 Cache=4MB
  • L3 Cache=16MB
  • Default TDP=95W
  • Processor Technology for CPU Cores=14nm
  • Unlocked for Overclocking =Yes
  • CPU Socket=AM4
  • Thermal Solution (PIB)=Not covered
  • Thermal Solution (MPK)=Wraith Max
  • Max. Operating Temperature (Tj Maxx)=95°C
  • Launch Date=3/2/2017
  • Connectivity=PCI Express® VersionPCIe x16
  • System Memory Type=DDR4
  • Memory Channels=2
  • System Memory Specification=Up to 2667MHz
  • 1800x pcle lanes=20
  • 1800x max temp=236C

Best RAM for Ryzen 7 1800x in 2022 List

Is your Ryzen 1800X in determined want of a faster boost? Are you involved approximately your framerates at the same time as gaming on a 1080p monitor? Maybe you simply need to test with a sparkling layout on your computer? Whatever the case may also be, choosing the right RAM on your device is crucial to its typical overall performance.

Everyone changed into ecstatic whilst Ryzen chipsets have been launched on the begin of the year. Finally, a feasible opportunity to Intel’s i7 processors!

However, for device makers,  issues limited their enthusiasm: RAM compatibility and expense.The producer unexpectedly addressed the primary problem, RAM compatibility, and now the handiest difficulty is cost.

Of course, the truth that the producer overvalued call for for Ryzen-well matched RAM did not help the charge of RAM.This is a incredible possibility for consumers, however it makes suggesting particular merchandise a touch greater difficult.That’s why we have got placed up a listing of the best Ryzen 1800X RAM.

Recommended RAMs List for Ryzen 7 1800x

  1. G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB
  2. G.skill Flare X series
  3. Team group T-force Delta RGB RAM
  4. Crosair vengeance RGB 16GB RAM
  5. Hyper x Kingston technology RAM
  6. G.skill Ripjaw v series

1. G.SKill Trident Z RGB 16GB

G.SKill Trident Z RGB 16GB

The attractive appearance of the G.Skill TRIDENT Z RGB with sixteen GB RAM units it apart.Its out of doors layout is simple, and the strips will combination in seamlessly with the motherboard and your assembly.A precise spotlight of the modules is likewise a big promoting factor for customers. The G.Skill TRIDENT Z RGB is the best RGB RAM for Ryzen 1700x gaming PCs with kind of 16GB of RAM.

High-first-class additives shape the inspiration of its construction. At the factory, all parameters are cautiously monitored; the advent of faults isn’t always allowed.

The modules have a remarkable wide variety of hours â sixteen-18-18-38. The belts have a frequency of 3200 MHz. Its superb overall performance has a superb effect at the assembly’s typical overall performance. The processor is given speedy RAM, permitting it to carry out to its complete potential.

The modules have a incredible wide variety of hours â sixteen-18-18-38. The belts have a frequency of 3200 MHz. Its wonderful overall performance has a effective effect at the assembly’s basic overall performance. The processor is given rapid RAM, permitting it to carry out to its complete potential.

The dies have a peak of forty four mm.The lifestyles of radiators, in addition to the integrated backlighting, make contributions to this arrangement.They’re required to expend warmth generated via way of means of the modules and hold them from overheating.Two 8GB strips are covered withinside the kit, for a complete capability of 16GB.


  • TYPE Model F4-3200C16D-16GTZR
  • Ram capacity is 16 GB
  • RAM is DDR4
  • Latency in RAM 16-18-18-38 was the result of the test.
  • The speed that was tested was 3200 MHz.
  • The voltage that was tested was 1.35V.
  • Unbuffered / Registered Unbuffered..
  • Checking non-ECC results failed.
  • RAM speed is 2133 MHz, and RAM voltage is 1.2 volts.
  • Configuration Kit for Dual-Channel Channels.
  • No. of fans
  • 42 mm in height
  • Intel XMP 2.0 is supported (Extreme Memory Profile)..
  • Notes the rated frequency and stability of the XMP protocol. MB and processor capacity are factors to consider.
  • The modules have a great number of hours – 16-18-18-38. 
  • The belts have a frequency of 3200 MHz. 
  • It’s great performance has a positive impact on the assembly’s overall performance. 
  • The processor is given fast RAM, allowing it to perform to its full potential.

Reason to Buy

  • The Trident Z Royal RAM is stunning.
  • Overclocking isn’t a problem
  • In terms of RAM performance, the G.Skill TRIDENT Z RGB memory modules are the fastest for the Ryzen 1700.

Reason to Avoid

  • Dust collects on the Trident z RAM’s gleaming heatsinks from time to time
  •  And their visibility is excessive, which is unacceptable for the PC.

2. G.Skill flare X series

The Flare X370 is a new range of RAM created specifically for AMD’s Ryzen platform.

On the bottom, there is a little heatsink, and on top, there is a massive heatsink. This is due to the fact that it features a conventional heat spreader, which is meant to distribute heat over a greater surface area. Because heat dissipates, you’ll be able to cool it down considerably more quickly than with normal RAM.

The great thing about this RAM is that it’s not only quick, but also quite reliable. It can keep up with overclockers who push their CPUs to their limits, but it can also handle the everyday grind of your average PC.

The Flare X collection DDR4 reminiscence package is designed for AMD Ryzen processors, and it alerts the go back of the famend Flare reminiscence, which gave amazing overall performance withinside the preceding era of DDR reminiscence.With the Flare X collection DDR4 RAM, you may flip your subsequent AMD device into an appropriate gaming system or an impressive workstation! Flare x g. ability ddr4 for amd collection gaming overall performance

Specifically designed for AMD platforms

The new AMD architecture, which has risen from the ashes, has a wholly distinctive set of reminiscence advances, necessitating a clean strategy. The Flare X reminiscence line has a completely unique function that optimizes compatibility with the modern day AMD Ryzen platform.The Flare X collection, with reminiscence charges beginning at DDR4-2133MHz, gives high-pace reminiscence overall performance to effectively shipping information for every of AMD Ryzen CPUs’ cores.

Every Flare X reminiscence package is placed thru G.SKILL’s rigorous checking out process to offer the pleasant feasible overall performance for your AMD device


  • XMP profile help to attain as much as the rated overclock pace, or run at default JEDEC profile pace
  • Rated XMP frequency & balance relies upon on MB & CPU capability
  • Brand‎G. SkillForm Factor‎DIMM RAM
  •  Memory  Technology‎DDR4
  • Computer Memory  Size‎sixteen GB
  • Memory  Speed‎3200 MHz
  • Voltage‎1.35  Volts
  • Number of Pins‎288
  • RAM‎sixteen GB DDR4
  • Memory Speed‎3200 MHz
  • Series‎FBA_F4-3200C14D-16GFXItem 
  • Weight‎3.17 oz
  • Product Dimensions‎5.31 x zero.31 x 1.fifty seven inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH‎5.31 x zero.31 x 1.fifty seven inches
  • Color‎Black
  • Computer  Memory Type‎DDR4 SDRAM
  • Manufacturer‎G.SKILLASIN‎B06XFT7DF9Is
  •  Discontinued By Manufacturer‎NoDate First Available‎March 27, 2017

Reasno to Buy

  • Well optimized for Ryzen
  • Performance is really high
  • Quality of RAM is really good
  • Overclocking capacities are also good


  • Ecc is absent
  • Quite expensive
  • No fan included

3. Team Group T-Force DELTA RGB


The T-Force Dark Pro 16GB RAM ought to be taken into consideration in case you are trying to improve your computer’s RAM. It’s made for game enthusiasts that need the greatest RAM cash can purchase at the same time as nonetheless getting an amazing bargain.It gives an unheard of experience.The inventory pace of the dual-channel DDR4 reminiscence module is 3200 MHz.

This is the most velocity at which DDR4 can operate, as a result that is the quickest velocity to be had for this RAM. The warmth spreader seems fundamental however active due to its one-piece geometric line layout.The embossed strains at the floor growth the warmth dissipation location whilst additionally efficiently cooling the reminiscence module, making an allowance for exactly managed running best.

The R on the warmth spreader stands for each RGB and Revolution, which stands for a completely unique idea and not using a compromises.The warmness spreader is built of a lighter, thinner, and higher-best metal.The Incredible Revolution will gift gamers with a never-earlier than-visible gaming experience.The warmth spreader seems fundamental however active due to its one-piece geometric line layout.

The embossed traces at the floor growth the warmth dissipation location at the same time as additionally efficiently cooling the reminiscence module, making an allowance for exactly managed working exceptional.

Delta RGB employs beautiful RGB lighting fixtures with a Force Flow effect.The 120° excessive extensive attitude luminous area on the pinnacle of the body creates vivid, colourful mild.The hue of the mild modifications gradually, giving customers an unmatched visible experience.The software program lets in customers to manipulate lighting fixtures outcomes and synchronization with the DELTA RGB reminiscence module.It creates unique, superb lights.

Users can modify lights consequences and synchronization with the DELTA RGB reminiscence module the use of the software program.It produces one-of-a-kind, lovely outcomes. Intel XMP is supported via way of means of the Delta RGB collection.It’s most effective a count of time earlier than you get a flavor of overclocking’s high-pace sensation.

Delta RGB’s low running voltage of 1.21.4V now no longer handiest saves electricity however additionally reduces temperature and warmth era, making sure a solid and long-time period operation of the high-pace running reminiscence.


  • Brand ‎TEAMGROUPForm
  • Factor ‎DIMM RAM
  • Memory Technology ‎DDR4
  • Computer Memory Size‎sixteen GB
  • Memory Speed‎3000 MHz
  • Voltage‎1.35 Volts
  • Column Address Strobe
  • Latency‎ is sixteen
  • Number of Pins‎288
  •  RAM‎16 GB DDR4 Memory
  • Speed‎3000 MHz
  • Series‎Delta RGB DDR4 Item
  • model number‎TF3D416G3000HC sixteenCDC 01 Item
  • Weight‎ 3 oz
  • Product Dimensions‎5.79 x 1.93 x 0.28 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH‎5.79 x 1.93 x 0.28 inches
  • Color‎Black
  • Computer Memory Type‎DDR4 SDRAM
  • Manufacturer‎TEAMGROUPASIN‎B07B68XMV4Is
  • Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
  • Date First Available‎April 30, 2018

Reason to Buy

  • User friendly
  • Performance is really high
  • Good for gaming
  • Overclocking ability is good


  • Nothing

4. Corsair vengeance RGB Pro 2X8GB KIT MODEL

Corsair vengeance RGB Pro 2X8GB KIT MODEL

Corsair determined to launch the brand new Vengeance RGB Pro reminiscence bars withinside the summer time season after the Computex show. Corsair has been actively selling RGB backlighting in current months, that can now be managed through the company’s proprietary iCUE software program. However, keep away from placing the highlights and layout with inside the foreground. The pace of the Ryzen 1700 proven with inside the new DDR4-3600 package that were given it to our check lab remains critical, as are the reminiscence’s technical specifications.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO collection DDR4 reminiscence provides superb dynamic multi-sector RGB illumination for your PC even as additionally imparting the finest DDR4 overall performance and balance. Each module has ten RGB LEDs that may be managed independently, and the wire-unfastened layout makes set up a breeze. With CORSAIR iCUE software program, you could absolutely tailor any module’s lights to in shape your machine, or with Light LINK, you could fast coordinate lights throughout all your CORSAIR devices. 

On the today’s AMD and Intel DDR4 motherboards, a custom constructed PCB gives the greatest sign of high-satisfaction for the fine degree of overall performance and balance, at the same time as specially screened ICs unharness improvedOverclocking. Anodized Aluminum Heat Spreader SPD frequency is 2133MHz.The ten ultra-bright, for my part addressable RGB LEDs according to module of high-overall performance DDR4 reminiscence remove darkness from your gadget with vibrant, lively lighting fixtures.

Sync illumination throughout all of your Corsair  iCUE well suited goods, which includes reminiscence, fans, coolers, keyboards, and more, with Corsair  iCUE software program.Corsair  iCUE software program lets in you to customize lighting fixtures profiles with hundreds of thousands of numerous styles and colors, or you may broaden your own.Compatible with DDR4 motherboards from Intel and AMD.For a easy and clean set up, no extra wires or connections are required.

For the fine sign great and overall performance balance, use a custom overall performance PCB.ICs which have been very well screened for prolonged overclocking potential. Even whilst overclocked, the integrated aluminum warmth spreader affords superb reminiscence cooling. Supports Intel XMP Complete coverage is provided by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Brand‎CorsairForm Factor‎DIMM RAM
  • Memory Technology‎DDR4
  • Computer Memory Size‎16 GB
  • Memory Speed‎3200 MHz
  • Voltage‎1.35 Volts
  • RAM‎16 GB DDR4
  • Memory Speed‎3200 MHz
  • Item model number‎CMU16GX4M2C3200C16
  • Item Weight‎4.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions‎5.44 x 0.3 x 2 inches
  • Item Dimensions
  • LxWxH‎5.44 x 0.3 x 2 inches
  • Color‎Black
  • Processor Count‎1
  • Computer Memory Type‎DDR4 SDRAM
  • Manufacturer‎CorsairASIN‎B07D1XCK WW
  • Country of Origin‎TaiwanIs
  • Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
  • Date First Available‎May 31, 2018

Reason to Buy

  • In built heat spreader
  • Easy to install
  • Gameplay quality is good
  • Different combination of colors


  • Not as good as the items in the upper list.

5. Hyper x Kingston technology Fury 2400MHz RAM

Hyper x Kingston technology Fury 2400MHz RAM

 Whether you’re looking for your first gaming PC or the most up-to-date high-end setup, Crucial’s Ballistix Sport LT RAM will help you get the most out of it. DDR4 is a completely new form of memory that completely changes the game. It’s an excellent improvement for your rig, thanks to its higher frequencies and lower power usage.

HyperX FURY DDR4 RAM for motherboards with Intel’s 100 Series and X99 chipsets automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, up to 2666MHz1, to give instant top-level performance. It’s a tiny price to pay for high-quality components that work with Intel’s 2, 4, 6, and 8-core processors to speed up video editing, 3D rendering, gaming, and AI processing. FURY DDR4 comes in 4GB and 8GB sizes, as well as 8GB-64GB packages. Its elegant low-profile heat spreader features FURY’s trademark design, allowing you to show off your rig in style.

Cost-effective, high-performance DDR4 upgrade with automatic overclocking up to 3466 MHz. Support for Intel XMP for CPU technologies. Keep cool by using energy-saving devices.


  •  Signature asymmetrical FURY design with low profile heat spreader for 1.2 V DDR4
  • Information on the product
  • DDR4, DDR3 Computer
  • Memory Size 8 GB
  • Memory Speed 2666 MHz
  • Voltage 1.2 Volts
  • Brand HyperX Form Factor DIMM RAM
  • Memory Technology DDR4, DDR3
  • Computer Memory Size 8 GB
  • RAM 8 GB DDR4
  •  Memory Speed 2
  •  Number of Pins 240

Reason to Buy

  • Good for hardcore gamers
  • Low latency level
  • Easy to install


  • A bit expensive

6. G.Skill Ripjaws V series

G.Skill Ripjaws V series

The ultra-modern addition to the  Ram to the Ripjaws family, the Ripjaws V collection is the trendy DDR4 reminiscence designed for max compatibility and highest quality overall performance with the brand new Intel Core processors.

Engineered from the fine components, examined withinside the most harsh conditions, and provided in 5 shadeation options, the Ripjaws V for Best Ram for Ryzen 1700 is the ideal desire for developing a brand new excessive-overall performance device or for easy reminiscence upgrades.

Ripjaws V, to be had in a huge variety of frequencies – from the DDR4-2133 MHz trendy to the exquisite DDR4-4000 MHz – helps you to experience gaming, video and photo editing, quicker rendering, and facts processing.

Every Ripjaws V DDR4 reminiscence package undergoes the rigorous G.SKILL trying out method on all excessive-overall performance motherboards to supply world-elegance reliability and compatibility with a big choice of motherboards.

The Ripjaws V is designed in a graceful new layout however is likewise to be had in 5 distinct colors: Bright Red, Steel Blue, Bright Silver, Dark Gray, and Classic Black. Ripjaws V is a top notch alternative for a modernist searching out the proper nuances or constructing a tremendous new machine.

Continuing the culture of compatibility with aftermarket CPU coolers, the Ripjaws V has a 42mm module height, appropriate for maximum CPU heatsinks. Ripjaws V gives many ability configurations with 4GB and 8GB modules and ultra-excessive ability from 16GB to 128GB (16GB x 8). The opportunities are limitless!

Designed with low voltage 1.2V ~ 1.35V following the DDR4 trend, it reduces reminiscence voltage requirement by 20% in comparison to DDR3 reminiscence units for velocity for Ryzen. Now your device can run even quicker without turning into a high-priced heater.


  • Compliance with PC4-24000 reminiscence specification.
  • Memory velocity 3000 MHz.
  • Speed ​​score 2133 MHz, 3000 MHz.
  • Manufacturer G.Skill.
  • Storage ability is sixteen GB (eight GB x2).
  • Tested voltage 1.35V.
  • Registered / Unbuffered Unbuffered.
  • Failed to confirm no ECC.
  • 288-pin UDIMM shape factor..
  • Nominal RAM Timings sixteen-18-18-38-2

Reason to Buy

  • A excellent choice to play
  • Good overclocking ability
  • Friendly for customers and games


  • A bit Coslty

1800x RAM speed

The 1800X operates at a base frequency of 3.6 GHz with a TDP of ninety five W and a Boost frequency of as much as GHz. This MPU supports as much as sixty four GiB of dual-channel DDR4-2666 ECC memory.

Buying guide for Best Ram For Ryzen 7 1800x

  • 16GB is the modern-day candy spot at today’s pricing. Gamers and people doing simple mainstream productive responsibilities can get through with 8GB. But numerous open browser tabs and different walking packages can use this up quite easily. Given you could purchase 16GB for as little as $25 greater than 8GB, maximum need to choose 16GB. Those doing critical content material introduction will possibly need extra.
  • Don’t pay for clock speeds your gadget doesn’t assist. Memory pace is limited, especially with a few low-stop and mainstream Intel CPUs and chipsets. So if, for instance, your machine most effectively helps 2,666MHz, there’s no factor in shopping for RAM that’s rated for 3,600. You won’t be capable of obtaining the better velocity, and might land up caught at a good decrease fallback pace. Check the motherboard manufacturer’s specs for supported speeds and purchase accordingly.
  • Higher speeds have the maximum effect in case you’re using incorporated photos. If you propose to recreation without a devoted pics card, you’ll get tremendously higher body costs in case you choose quicker (supported) reminiscence. But when you have to spend extra on additives to aid that velocity, in addition to better-clocked reminiscence, it could make greater experience to splurge on a committed card on the way to supply a higher gaming overall performance overall.
  • Many applications and video games don’t take advantage of quicker RAM and higher timings. The quantity of software programs that see important profits from quicker, tighter-timing reminiscence kits is certainly pretty small. Some video games will see an advantage, in addition to compression software programs like 7-zip, in addition to a few factors of content material introduction software programs. Do a few studies on the packages and video games which you use maximum often. If you aren’t jogging reminiscence-touchy software program and you’ve a devoted pictures card, you could store a few cash by choosing slower RAM and spend that on a bigger SSD or a higher photos card or CPU.
  • Heat spreaders and lighting fixtures are only for show. Generally speaking, maximum reminiscence doesn’t run rapid enough (except possibly you’re pushing it to excessive ranges with guide overclocking) to require metallic warmth spreaders. So lengthy as you’ve got a few air blowing via the case and over the reminiscence, you may choose naked sticks. Obviously, blinking lighting won’t extrade your overall performance either. So in case your case doesn’t have a window otherwise you don’t care a lot approximately how your reminiscence looks, there’s no cause now no longer to choose sticks with uncovered PCBs and reminiscence banks–goodbye because it comes withinside the velocity and specifications you’re after.

Is the Ryzen 7 1800x still good in 2022?

Maybe now no longer formidable, however truly successful! Cinebench R23 rankings display it more or less equal to the Ryzen five from the ultimate generation without a doubt. The 3600x remains a quite successful CPU on the subject of mid/excessive gaming.

You lose PCIe gen four functionality with the 1800x, however maximum benchmarks display that it  doesn’t make a massive difference.

Is Ryzen 7 1800x good for gaming?

Yes Ryzen 7 1800x is good ram for gaming.

Which is better, Corsair or Gskill RAM for Ryzen?

In simple word some the scenario Corsair ram is best for Ryzen 7 1800x.

What is the best Corsair ram for Ryzen?

Crosair vengeance RGB 16GB RAM is best ram for Ryzen.

Most video games lose simplest 1 or 2 FPS and drop 10–12 FPS on the very worst. SSD load instances among gen three and gen four are truly non-existent. Maybe a 2nd or 2 difference.

If you need the best, then yes, it’s time to upgrade. Even a zen 2 R7 cpu just like the 3700x will provide a lot better performance. But if you will instead shop for money, then the 1800x remains simply fine. If it runs the not unusual place packages which you use, then I’d say hold it!

Read More:


We’ve reviewed the pinnacle six RAMs for the AMD Ryzen 1800X, and we’ve covered our pinnacle choice on the bottom.

We’ve reviewed numerous unique RAMs for the 1800x, consisting of our pinnacle picks, the GSkill Flare X370 and TeamGroup T Force Dark Pro 16GB RAM. We have compared those overall performance RAMs towards the competition. The winner through some distance is the GSkill Flare X370.

As you could imagine, whenever a brand new technology of laptop hardware comes out for gamers, there’s usually a ton of latest additives looking to get your attention. We’re right here that will help you navigate through all of the confusion and get a clean photo of what’s great on your needs. So, whether or not you’re constructing a gaming PC or simply trying to improve your modern-day rig, we’re right here to assist you to realize what hardware you want to maintain a watch on as we preserve to roll into the relaxation of the year.

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